Greetings from the Artistic Director

The theme for Hanko Music Festival 2016 is “Wave”. Swing is an important part of classical music and jazz. Good swing, meaningful melodies and harmonies will steal a listener’s attention and whisk them away with the wavelike rhythm. In bossa nova and jazz the waves move you from side to side, in jazz the movement may be back and forth. In classical music the waves might criss cross and move in all directions but the unseen movement  results in an experience that captures all the senses.

This wave can also be experienced in our programme for this year that features exquisite performances of both classical music and jazz.

The societal benefits of culture and art springs from their educational effects. Along with science culture and art create the base of civilisation. Culture and art are present when a person experiences something new which has been created by a different person. The person experiencing art is bestowed a glimpse into the world of the creator, an unknown world that might have some similarities to their own. Only this experience leaves a trace. Without culture and art there are only empty pictures, meaningless sounds and fleeting emotions.

Through Hanko Music Festival and the Hanko music course I strive to build a world where culture, art and learning are part of people’s everyday lives. A world that’s enriched by beauty in all it’s forms.

You are welcome to join us in shared experiences!

Noa Nakai, Artistic Director of Hanko Music Festival